Lavi Picu is a Montreal-based emerging visual artist who was born in Romania. She is a self-taught artist who uses painting as an alternative form of self expression as well as pain management therapy for Lyme disease.

She challenges herself daily to capture bits of the beauty that surrounds us. She draws her inspiration from her travels, from everywhere far and near, from daily activities, from music, love, pain, her poetry as well as from who she has become.

She loves working and experimenting with layers of acrylic paint on canvas and creating an array of textures. She uses watercolour and oil colours, but is more drawn to the acrylics.

Majored in Linguistics, with a background in translations and writing, she’s also a ghost writer, a blogger with a focus on arts and health and a Lyme disease advocate.

In 2017 she launched an online awareness campaign for Lyme disease that reached people from all over the world. She has been blogging about Lyme on various online platforms.

Some of her articles have been published on Huffington Post, Yahoo, The Mighty and Quail Bell Magazine. You can read more about her Lyme journey on


2020 – Group exhibition – Annual WASM Exhibit, Montreal, QC

2020 – Group Exhibition – Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg

Member of the following organizations:

WASM (Women’s Art Society of Montreal)