Inner Child Lavi Picu Art


As we grow older we tend to take ourselves too seriously and forget how much fun it is to fool around and enjoy a simple life. Do you remember how great it felt when you were a child and lived worries free? How much you wanted to continue to play when your parents were telling you it was bedtime?

While we were children we loved to explore and having fun was one of our main goals. We would try different games or dares, we would create new ones and dream about all the wonderful things we would do once we would grow up. We used to laugh, sing, play, draw, dance and live so joyfully.

We pictured ourselves having different professions, having a family or any other scenario that would please us. The sky was the limit. Our actions were driven by joy, fascination and curiosity.

Then throughout pre-teens or teenage years something happened. Our dreams shifted into a different direction. It might have been our own doing or it might have been due to the impact of our friends on us. Or maybe we started to care more about what others had to say or think about us.

The moment we let the society influence our decisions and shape our dreams, we lost connection with the inner self. Day by day we distanced ourselves from the inner child and turned into a mature being, responsible, reliable, obedient and busy person. Always on the run or worrying about one thing or another. Never satisfied.

Did you ever wonder what happened to that inner child who got pushed back through layers of education, rules, norms and customs. Was he completely shut off from you, trapped somewhere into a drawer never to be opened inside your mind?

Did you ever ask yourself what would happen if you’d allow him out? If you’d reconnect with him? Would that make you see the world in a different light? Would that boost your creativity? Would he help you have a better understanding of yourself?

How do you bring back that joyful child? The answer is simple. If you want to reconnect with your youthful side, you need to love more and worry less. While you are doing this inner journey focus on this four steps: love yourself, listen to yourself, forgive yourself and thank yourself.

Building a strong connection with your inner child can heal your traumas, remove the unresolved baggage, help you with your daily struggles and obviously boost your creativity.

The above image is an acrylic painting, named The inner child, which I did during for my art therapy class. It has a special value to me. Realizing this painting enabled me to be childlike and it opened the door to a new perspective, that of seeing the world once more with openness and wonder just like during my childhood.What about you? Did you reconnect with your inner child?

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