Lyme awareness art - Lavi Picu Art - Miss Burns

Lyme Awareness Art – Miss Burns

Miss Burns is part of my series of Lyme awareness artworks meant to raise more awareness about this infamous disease that you won’t hear much on the social media.

Miss Burns illustrates one of the most disturbing symptoms of Lyme disease, the burning under the skin. Since Lyme presents invisible symptoms, it is hard for most of the people to understand what a Lyme sufferer experiences in terms of symptoms and level of pain.

A great majority of Lyme sufferers that undergo treatment (antibiotics) for lengthy periods of time, even years, manage to get rid of the burning under their skin, but not everyone does.

The burning sensation can migrate throughout the body and change its intensity level from one day to another. The fact that this symptom is not visible to the naked eye, makes it challenging for the Lymies to talk about their illness, as others may not believe them.

Miss Burns is an acrylic work realized on a 12″x12″ canvas panel.

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