Lavi Picu is not only an artist, but also the author of four soulful poetry collections: BURDEN OF LOVE , WHITELESS THOUGHTS- Bits of darkness and love, TALES OF A MOODY HEART and LYRICS FOR SALE – Racing thoughts and Healing poetry.

WHITELESS THOUGHTS – Bits of darkness and love is the first volume in the Poems series of short poetry books written by Lavi Picu. It’s a collection of poems that reveals to the reader the emotional turmoil endured by the author during her darkest hours of sickness and pain caused by Lyme disease.
The book is inspired by moments of despair, hopelessness, depression and sadness, depicting feelings of rejection, withdrawn, betrayal, fears, loss and death.

BURDEN OF LOVE is her second volume of poems. It is a collection of seventy poems that aims to inspire women to change their lives, embrace change, to fight pain and move on. The poems capture the nuances of love and lead the reader through a journey of emotional reckoning and discovery of healing self-love, telling stories of love, heartbreak, and hope, revealing inner deepest thoughts and raw feelings of past and present loves. It is a book for those who are rediscovering hope and empower themselves, for the dreamers who never lost their hope for love.

TALES OF A MOODY HEART is an exquisite collection of over 100 poems. The tales take you on a journey through life and love, exploring the struggle of a human heart. Love, passion, heartbreak, pain, sickness, self-healing and empowerment are captured within this unique poetry collection. A must-read for poetry lovers.

LYRICS FOR SALE – Racing thoughts and healing poetry is an empowering and inspirational poetry book that uncovers the process from hurt to heal.

Heal a broken heart. Overcome racing thoughts. Heal wounds, nurture self-love and inner strength.
A collection of over two hundred poems that help heal souls and empower women. The poems talk about love, hope, heartbreak, anxiety, fear, depression, sickness, despair and acceptance. It is an uplifting book written for those going through an emotional journey back to love and healing.