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Poetry On Canvas – Lyme Pain

You may have heard or read about the benefits of art therapy on both mental and physical health. You may have learnt by now that art enhances brain function and well-being or that art has a myriad of positive implications on our daily life.

What you may not know, is that when you merge two art forms into one, your creativity levels reach higher levels, unleashing your creative flow.

When you combine acrylic paint with poetry, prepare to be amazed. The result, an original artwork meant to seduce the eyes of the viewer and also raise awareness about Lyme disease. A work with a transformative power that speaks to the eyes, heart and soul. A piece of art that serves multiple purposes: aesthetic, inspirational and reflective.

“Lyme Pain” (16″x20″ canvas panel) is a mixed media work (acrylic and ink) that is part of my Lyme Awareness Art series. The poem written on the canvas is called “Know my pain” and it was included in my latest poetry collection, Lyrics for sale – Racing Thoughts and Healing Poetry, available now on Amazon on both formats: paperback and e-book and Barnes n Nobles, paperback only.

Lyme Pain is meant to present to the viewer a glimpse of the Lyme life, to offer an idea of it goes through the mind and body of a Lyme sufferer, to showcase his daily struggle.

You may wonder why I chose to handwriting over printing the poem and having it incorporated into the work. I did cross my mind. Yes, it would have had a more neat, clean artsy look. But that`s not what I had in mind. I wanted to have a work that offers an authentic insight into the Lyme life.

All those slightly loose letters and imperfections illustrate better the struggle of a Lymie. Many Lyme sufferers experience floaters or have their sight affected to a certain percentage and that makes reading and writing quite challenging for them.

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