Rediscovered -Lavi Picu -Lyme awareness art

Rediscovered – Lyme Disease Awareness Art series

“Rediscovered”, my latest acrylic piece from the Lyme Disease Awareness Art series has a special meaning to me. What is the meaning of this artwork? What’s the message behind the work itself? The artworks illustrates how your body falls apart due to chronic illness and you find a way to function, even if broken.

When you feel pulled in thousand directions, that feeling of helpnessless takes over you and clouds your perspectives, leads you straight to depression. In that precise moment, you understand that when faced with chronic illness, you have no one to rely on but yourself.

That’s when you have to relearn everything, feel once more like a child who just discovered his limbs or the ability to walk. The difference is that in this case, you need to adapt to your new reality, that of being disabled, partially disabled or abled differently.

Rediscovered offers a glimpse into what it feels to see life through the lens of disability. Although your body decays, the mind finds a way to move on. You put yourself together and learn how to be functional, have a second attempt to what you used to call normal. The new “normality” implies lots of changes, great deal of inner strength and nevertheless, a strong will.

If you know anyone touched by a chronic illness, you may want to share this with them, and show you care about their daily struggle.

Thank you for your support!

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