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When you are your passionate about your hobbies, nothing stays in your way. Inspiration is all around you. Some people might say they are not creative. They are wrong. They consider themselves unworthy of this creative tag, only because they fear the result. They chose to focus more on the outcome than on the process itself. They should be creating something for the sake of creation, not the reward!

Creativity can be expressed through words, music, colours, dance and so on. It basically means stretching your imagination, going beyond the conventional way of thinking. Allowing yourself to rekindle your inner fire can lead to great artworks. Who says a painting should be done only on a canvas? It’s time to start thinking out of the box!

Everyone has a creative seed within, waiting to sprout. Putting pen to paper (paint to rock in this case) is always worth. Art has the ability to embark you on a journey with uncharted territories. Unleashing your creativity is not only self-rewarding but also an excellent way to boost up your confidence and motivation, it enriches your life.

Have a look at my photos and tell me what do you see? Some might consider these rocks as art, while other may think of them in terms of simple boulders.

Let me tell you that having these beauties in your backyard would make not only neighbours jealous, but the whole neighbourhood!

What are the tricks you are using to tap into your creativity? What do you do to spark your creative energy? What do you do to get those creative juices flowing?

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